Low Hanging Fruit 1 - Leads Leap


Leads Leap is a traffic generating and list management system that offers considerably more than its competitors in traffic generation or list management.

As an income earner, it offers four legitimate ways to earn income.

  • Daily activity reward

  • Encashment of advertising credits

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Affiliate Program

Let’s look at these individually.

Leads Leap Daily Activity Bonus

This is a kind of profit share system where Leads Leap shares a proportion of its daily earnings with its members. Free members are eligible to share in 5% of the daily earnings and Pro members get to share in 10%. To be active you must view 10 Leads Leap advertisements in a day. Ads can be viewed through Leads Leap daily email or by logging into the site. Additionally, participants receive a portion of advertising credits in return. You’re not going to earn a lot with this system, but it does add up over time and makes cashing out other earning little easier to achieve.

Leads Leap Credit Encashment

This offer will not be attractive to most Leads Leap members. It is there to maintain the integrity of the system. Advertising credits only have a life of 6 months. Some Leads Leap members tend to build credits up either because they have nothing to advertise or their advertising network is such that they accumulate credits.

The minimum encashment level is 50 credits.


Leads Leap Pay Per Click Advertising

Leads Leap run a Pay per Click advertising program that pays you to run their advertising widget across a variety of channels. You can put this widget anywhere that you own like your blog pages, landing pages or squeeze pages. To make things even more attractive, Leads Leap allows you to activate their widget on pages you track through their system.

There are a couple of systems getting around at the moment that can help you to monetise this. The best of these is Martin Chandler;’s Reduce the Hype system. It’s simple and works reasonably well.

Leads Leap Affiliate Program

There are thousands of free advertising programs online that all have upgrade options of varying quality. Leads Leap’s Pro membership is first class, offering quality traffic to Pro members, as well as extra benefits including full autoresponder functionality, blog and YouTube broadcasting capability and image and PDF hosting capabilities.
Pro members also receive 50% commissions on all pro members that they refer. Free members receive 25%, which isn’t to be sneezed at.
The point is this. Promoting Leads Leap makes good sense because it is likely to convert at higher levels than most of its competitors. A little time and effort spent on recommending this site could see you create a steady monthly income stream.
There are dozens of reasons to be a member of Leads Leap, ranging from quality page views, potential search engine traffic via its review system, quality marketing tools and these four ways to earn.
If you’re not a member, I’d urge you to join and have a look around. If you’re already a member, login now and start looking at ways you can leverage this wonderful site. When you promote Leads Leap, you promote all of this and much more.


Added Bonus


Selected pages within BullFreeZone have the Leads Leap Script embedded meaning that Leads Leap members have the opportunity to earn PPC income while promoting BullFreeZone....this is particularly useful when promoting publicly viewable landing and review pages





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