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It's time to stop being a victim


Hi my name is Mark Hodgetts I have been involved in online marketing for many years and I was quite successful until I lost sight of what I was doing.

Once that happened, I lost the plot.  I forgot the very things that had been the key drivers of my success. Don't get me wrong. I'm not claiming to have ever been making $5,000 a week or driving a Ferrari around town but I was making consistent regular weekly income online.  Enough income that should have kept me happy.

I got greedy and I paid the price.

I got into this business because I wanted to be free, I wanted to own my own business and I wanted all the freedom that entailed.  I got that and then threw it away.

I was an idiot.

Do you know what I forgot?

I forgot the fundamental element that makes every business work. That element is people.  I got so lost in tracking subscriber rates, open rates, click rates, sales ratios and one-time offers that I forgot that I was dealing with people.  When I forgot that I lost all enjoyment in what I was doing.  It wasn't fun anymore. So much so that in the end, I walked away.

I built a new business as a Freelancer and applied many of the skills that I've learnt in online marketing to make that enterprise a success.  I'm pretty proud of that. But in the end you can take the boy away from marketing but you can't take the marketing away from the boy.

I got itchy feet and decided to come back.  I have no intention of making the same mistake I did last time. My business is and always will be about helping people.

 I'm here to help you.

You have asked for this report because you have a problem and I told you that I could solve it. So, let's get into it. Let's talk about getting better results from your advertising.

How to get better results from advertising

Have you heard this?

“Advertising is easy.  All you have to do is grab an affiliate link, maybe some banners and post them wherever you can and sooner or later somebody will click the link and buy something from you.”

Or even better this?

“Build an email list and email your subscribers daily with the latest product launches”

What a load of unadulterated garbage.

Sure, you must build a subscriber list, but that list is absolutely useless without you investing time and effort in building a relationship with that list.  And if affiliate marketing is as simple as throwing up an affiliate link we'd all be millionaires by now.

So what's the secret?

There is no secret other than successful marketing campaigns are built on the back of hard work, testing, tracking tweaking and refining the message.

No one has written the perfect ad campaign.  Everyone gets better over time. As Adwords guru Perry Marshall once said, "There's no such thing as a bad ad campaign. Every campaign gives you data. Often that data tells you what not to do rather than what to do, but it is invaluable all the same.

You'll notice that I keep using the word campaign. That's because advertising at the very least involves three distinct phases.




The tease is the first part of the exercise. It is simply an invitation to find out more information. It is a curiosity creator. You can create curiosity in a variety of ways, you can offer to give them something that they want, you can offer to save them time or money, or you can offer a solution to a problem that they're having.

What is critical to understand when advertising to any market is that the curiosity creator that is going to get the most cut through is to offer to solve a problem. You need to identify the pain point.  That is the point where your audience or prospect has difficulty or trouble.

Pain points will vary according to your niche market, but within affiliate marketing there are numerous pain points that can be identified and the most common pain points revolve around a lack of success. No sales, not enough traffic, being anonymous, losing money, feeling foolish, frustration, lack of confidence, I'm sure that you can add a few more.

Structuring your tease, whether that's an email, a squeeze page, splash page, banner or other medium needs to scratch one of those issues.

Once you've done that, you need to be able to move in to the education phase.

In this phase you need to deliver helpful and useful information. You do that by delivering an email, a report or blog post that soothes the pain point. The best way you can deliver this is by autoresponder.

It is simply a tool that you need. They take some effort to get used to. But if you invest some time in learning how to use them properly, they'll pay your efforts over and over again.

What does use them properly mean?

To my mind, autoresponders are the most misunderstood tool on the Internet Marketing planet. People often treat them the way they've been taught to use list mailers and safelists. They're kind of missing the point.

Autoresponders are an engagement tool. They provide additional information and education. They direct subscribers to interesting helpful articles and occasionally they close sales.

Email marketing is a skill that requires a little more skill than cutting and pasting swipe emails and pressing send.

The only way  you can build  a successful business of any kind is to deliver outstanding service.  You need to build a relationship with your prospects and customers before you can start selling.

Or to put it another way, you want to progress a visitor to a prospect to a customer to an advocate and potentially to a partner.

That's not easy and it's very easy to lose sight of that ideal.

To succeed in building that relationship you need to be able to offer solid advice, good products, potentially a means of earning and training where and when required. How on earth are you going to do all that?

It's all in the delivery. Click Track Profit have some wonderful short video lessons on the correct way to build relationships with subscribers and wholeheartedly recommend that you check these lessons out.

If you don't currently have an autoresponder, then the two programs listed below are well worth checking out.


If you use autoresponders in the proper way, they become a sale closer for you. You simply, create the education around the problem you've identified and offer the solution. Not everyone will jump on board, but that's to be expected. Your autoresponder can keep working away fro you, building rapport and staying on message.

A common pain point that you can identify and solve

There is more than an 80% chance that you gained access to this report because you are having difficulty getting a response to your advertising. In all likelihood you are advertising in a marketplace that is not necessarily interested in the product that you are selling.

Read that last paragraph again. It really is important

If you are using a Traffic Exchange, a List Mailer or something similar to do your advertising, you are advertising to people who are also advertising. In all likelihood both of you are trying to sell each other a business opportunity or something similar. In effect you are trying to sell ice to Eskimos.

A traffic exchange, safe list, text ad exchange, or list mailer is not the place to advertise a business opportunity. It is the place to build a relationship from.

How do you do that?

By identifying the pain point and that is often consistently poor results. The poor results caused by wrongly targeted ads.

But Mark, I want to sell my business opportunity. How am I going to do that?

That's a good question.

I spent a long time learning all of that and I don't expect you to go through the trials and tribulations that I went through .

I'm going to map out a plan for you to follow that will help you succeed.


Simple effective plan


Step 1

I've written these plans before and I haven't nailed it because I've left out the most crucial ingredient in the plan. That ingredient is people.

You need support, you need help, and you need encouragement when things don't look to be going well. You also need ongoing training, and a way to earn some dollars to keep you engaged.

Ideally there would be a community that would help you achieve all of that.

For many years I didn't think that community existed. I had seen some attempts and although well meant, I didn't think that they cut the mustard.

I was wrong.

There is a community that is engaged, that is committed, that will help you make money without selling anything. That community is called Click Track Profit.It has been around for a long time and you may have seen an earlier version of this community and thought it wasn't for you.

 If so you need to take another look.

This community has everything you need.

Training on social media engagement, Email marketing, Content development, Cryptocurrency, Budgeting, Advertising, multiple streams of income and  I have barely scratched the surface.

Best of all, you can join this community for free.

I would strongly suggest that you head on over to click track profit now and sign up for a free account. It will stand you in good stead for years to come

Step 2

Once you've signed up for click track profit you will realise that there are a number of opportunities for you to earn income without actually advertising anything.  However the potential within click track profit and the lessons that you will learn will encourage you to advertise because you will see the potential.

But you need to advertise in the right way.


 This is one right way.


   You identify the pain point i.e not getting enough leads or sign ups for a business

   You construct a lead capture page that will capture prospects for you and put them in your follow-up series.  Training and templates for creating lead capture pages are  available at click track profit and the other two sites that I mention in this report.


  To do this you will need an autoresponder.  There are many on the market and they range greatly in price.  My number one recommendation to you is Easy Business Builder. However, you can always take the free option available at Leads Leap which will perform a very similar function for free.


   Your autoresponder should be filled with a sequential series of follow-ups offering value and sincere recommendations of products that you currently use. Recommend what you know and like - not what offers the best commissions. Endorse - don't sell.


Step 3


   To make this easier for you, you can rebrand this report free of charge and give it away to your new subscribers.  The report will contain your affiliate links for click track profit, Easy Business Builder and Leads Leap.  The report itself then becomes a virtual affiliate landmine funnelling subscribers in to three evergreen products

   There is further training about email marketing and setting up campaigns in Click Track Profit which importantly outline the  rationale behind a successful email marketing campaign.  The idea is to build trust with your subscribers so that they come to know like and trust you for your recommendations.  If you can do that you can build a successful online business.


   The Click Track Profit community will provide you with a lot of material that you can share with your subscribers. The key is to always add value. Build the relationship and the rewards will come.


Thank you for taking the time to read this report. In subsequent days I will be forwarding further information and content to you that will help you to grow your online business. Some of these reports will expand further on one I have outlined here others will open out completely new ideas.

The important thing to remember is that you can do this if you want to and the key to getting it done in all honesty is joining click track profit because you will be blown away by the level of service and the extraordinary commitment of the program owners to your success. That’s something you can model and add your own personality to.

Good luck and remember, I’m here to help you



Mark Hodgetts









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