Dialling it up a notch with Referral Frenzy

Once you’ve got your basic traffic engine sorted with Traffic Hoopla, you’ll find that you’ll be looking to expand your influence.

I’ve found that the best way to kick my advertising into overdrive is to use the resources provided by Referral Frenzy.

This is list-mailing on steroids.

Referral Frenzy has become my central advertising hub. From there, I can send emails to over 100 mailers at the touch of a button, control my banner and text advertising at the majority of sites, check on outstanding commissions, obtain regular advertising bonuses and send out the occasional solo ad which always surprises with its responsiveness.

Now, before you go diving in unprepared, you need to understand that Referral Frenzy is designed for people who are serious about their advertising. At last count, there were 108 mailers and around 35 traffic exchanges listed in the bonus advertising section. You need to go in with a clear head and a clear strategy of what you’re going to do.

Don’t try and join every site at once.

Work out how much time you have and strategise accordingly. Ideally, as your business grows, you will be able to selectively upgrade in various sites. Upgrading frees up time and allows you to expand your reach. Remember the rule, never overextend your expenses, but also be mindful that in order to grow, you will need to selectively spend and upgrade wisely.

Fortunately, site owner Marty Petrizza has put together a guide to help you find your way.

When you’re ready, grab a hold of Marty’s guide and work your way through. This is professional online marketing.

Read carefully and take advantage of the site bonuses offered in the free trial period.