What Does Stop Being a Victim Even Mean?

For the past two to three years I’ve been “running” an ad campaign with the headline “Stop Being a Victim”

I’m not the first to use it. Some may remember a program called the Online Business Alliance that used something very similar. That program fell foul of Paypal and was never seen again.

I never forgot the headline. There’s something really cutting about it. It strikes at the heart of many struggling online entrepreneurs and suggests that there is a better way. 

A better way than what exactly?

  • The relentless heartless churn of MLM.
  • The snake-oil selling of cyclers, doublers and HYIP programs
  • The smoke and mirrors of team marketing programs that cynically exploits MLM churn and use it to the advantage of a few.
  • Pay per click advertising of Google and Facebook(I’d rather burn $20 notes).
  • The hours of click slavery required on List Mailers and Safelists.
  • Maxxing out your credit card on a range of regurgitated courses and eBooks that recommend more tools and more software that are all expensive.
  • Endlessly chasing your tail for the next loophole, the next big thing or the ever elusive SEO ranking to beat all comers.
  • Selling your soul to make a sale (been there done that, not recommended).

Ok, so I’ve gone a little overboard in my description of some of these activities, but you can bet London to a brick that at least one of those activities strikes a chord with almost every would-be marketer.

Knowing that there is a problem is one thing. Offering a genuine solution is quite another. 

So, Is there a better way?

I’ve always believed so. 

For some time I believed that the easiest sale an affiliate will ever make in the online marketing world is traffic. Accordingly, I began to design a program along the lines of Running with the Big Dogs.  I tested this for some time with a simple PDF report and follow up emails. It worked OK, but something was missing.

I didn’t quite believe in the solidity of the model. There would always be somebody out of pocket and the TE/Mailer market is not that big. It felt kind of cannibalistic. Besides, I didn’t need to be involved. My freelancing business was (and still is) ticking over quite nicely. Why bother? 

I nearly packed up entirely.

But there was this one program that fascinated me. What it was preaching resonated deeply within me and I felt compelled to test it out.

The program was the new Click Track Profit.

What it was espousing was revolutionary and required a whole new way of thinking.

Imagine a world where everybody wins

That’s what the new Click Track Profit was preaching. How could that be even possible?

It’s possible when you dare to think outside the box and embrace emerging blockchain technology. 

It’s very possible when you have a platform that can be moulded to suit whatever the programmer envisages.

It becomes doable when there is a community of like-minded individuals prepared to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and support each other.

Click Track Profit’s feeder program, Start Earning Today introduces you to a new emerging world of crypto faucets, web browsers and search engines that pay you to use them and a social platform that rewards you for content. 

It’s a new world where the old way of doing things seems worn and tired. In this world, you can prosper and build without touching your credit card  You may never see the need to promote a single product again.

If you do, you will want to promote the programs that you know everybody can profit from.

Those programs are

1/ Start Earning Today – a feeder program of programs that generate cryptocurrency for you

2/ Click Track Profit – a hub of education, support and goodwill

3/ The Hive Guide. Hive is central to this new world. The Hive Guide will help you to get a firm grasp of it.

4/ List Nerds -this rebooted mailer enables you to earn cryptocurrency when you read and send emails. It’s a slow ticking time bomb that will shake the marketing world to its core.

I once thought that the easiest sale you could ever make was traffic. I was wrong. The easiest sale you will ever make isn’t a sale at all. It’s an invitation to embrace a new marketing world. 

The choice is always yours, but if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep getting the same old results.

Stop Being a Victim. Come and join us. You’ll be more than welcome

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels


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