The Low Hanging Fruit Waiting at Start Earning Today

Don’t ignore this program. The potential for you to earn significant sums through the agency of this unassuming little program is real. If you haven’t done so, join now.

Now, let’s be clear from the start. Start Earning today is nothing more than a feeder program for Click Track Profit which is another free to join program that offers more value, training and support than many of those high ticket “breakthrough” programs ever will. The programs it recommends all pay you for actions you take and all it takes is some minor adjustments in your daily routine to start building a nice little nest egg.

All of the programs pay their users in the form of cryptocurrency. There’s nothing to be alarmed about. These are all real businesses with sound business models that aim to change the way we do business.

Free Bit my opinion, is the weakest of the lot but is the oldest Bitcoin faucet going around. Simply log in every hour if you like, roll the dice and earn a few satoshis. It adds up over time and importantly, it will pay you a percentage of any earnings your referrals make. When you make a few referrals, those satoshis start to add up pretty quickly.

Brave Browser is revolutionary. Unlike, Google Chrome which stores, uses and sells your browsing data, Brave earns its income by displaying the occasional ad which pops up in your browser window. It then shares the income it earns with its users via its cryptocurrency BAT. The more you use the browser, the more you earn. When I started using Brave, BAT was worth about 20cents USD. The last time I looked, that price had multiplied by six times. My browsing history has earned me a couple of hundred dollars this year. That’s not bad for simply browsing the Internet.

Presearch is a search engine that rewards its user in PRE tokens. These are currently worth about 25c USD. You’re limited to 30 paying searches per day and I think you get paid around a quarter token for each search. It isn’t much right now, but how much does Google pay you?
Importantly Presearch has a referral program that rewards you for referring others to its service. The funnel at Start Earning Today allows you to do this.

Hive is your big-ticket. This amazing application rewards users in so many ways it isn’t funny. I know dozens of bloggers and YouTubers jumping through hoops trying to earn a few pennies with Google. I wish they’d give up and start using Hive. Start creating content here, build a few relationships and get rewarded significantly. There’s a whole lot to talk about and I recommend that you invest a little time learning how it all works by visiting the Hive Guide . I swear, you’ll be blown away by the possibilities. The Hive Guide is 100% free.

Finally there’s Noise Cash. Its a type of microblogging platform that rewards users for posting content and, you guessed it there’s a refferal program in place. I haven’t spent a lot of time there and I haven’t quite got a handle on it. But it costs nothing to join and it may well suit you.

To make the most of the opportunity that all of these programs provide, you’ll need a funnel to refer others to. That’s where Click Trackk Profit comes in. I love this new iproved version of this program that focuses on education and community. Its free to join and well worth your time.