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Buying solo ads from fellow marketers who agree to send your email to their private email lists is, without a doubt, the fastest way to grow your list. The trouble is, is that it can be quite expensive.

Some solo ad sellers are charging as much as $1.10 per click. I kid you not. You’ve got to be pretty close to certain that your campaign is going to work before you spend that kind of money.

Most people getting into this realm either have no idea what they’re doing and get churned up fast, or they’ve been around long enough to know how to structure a proper email campaign that includes a one time offer on the front end.

People have written entire eBooks on the subject and I admit that I did so a couple of years ago. (Well kind of – I bought some PLR products and then added my thoughts, rejigged the contents and added some new graphics.) It wasn’t groundbreaking. It’s probably lying in the depths of JV Zoo somewhere.

It isn’t as easy as people say it is add that to the fact that every second solo ad seller out there is likely to try and send you junk clicks and it doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence.

That’s why I like Udimi. There are other people I use and will continue to use but Udimi offers a level of protection that at least will give you some comfort and the competitive nature of the marketplace ensures that the cost is kept to reasonable levels.

Udimi connects solo ad sellers with sol ad buyers. Its tracking mechanism helps to weed out the obvious robot and junk clicks, ensuring that you get real people visiting your page. That doesn’t mean solo ads will work for you but it at least mitigates the risk.

How you place an order through Udimi is explained in this video here

Some tips that can help you make this work.

  • Look for sellers with positive ratings.
  • Order the smallest quantity available first from any seller – if you’re happy with the results, book a larger quantity.
  • Look for vendors who offer traffic in your specific niche
  • Use the chat facility to chat to sellers. They may not be online when you message them, but if they’re committed to their business they will respond. If they don’t respond – don’t buy.
  • Look for sellers with repeat buyers

Final thoughts

I wouldn’t dive in here until you’ve got a pretty solid handle on how you can make your marketing campaign profitable. I’d suggest joining and having a look around to see how everything works. Spend some time in the forum area and read the tips on buying solo ads.

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