The victimless marketing plan

In my last post, I elaborated on what Stop Being a Victim meant. It’s about time I laid out exactly what path I believe in and why I believe others should follow suit. I call this my victimless marketing plan. The beauty of this is that there is no forced selling, no “get three and you’re free” and no “hand me over your credit card details.”

It is different and it shamelessly states that you need to work to get rewarded.

So, if you’re looking for that big red magical easy button, you’re going to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you want to build something real, have some fun and learn something while being at the forefront of something entirely new, then read on…

Clear your head and reset your framework

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Most affiliate marketers get dragged into a world that they are ill-equipped to operate in. There’s too much “follow the leader and copy and paste marketing. People are being dumbed down when the Internet offers so many opportunities for growth and development. So discard the dog eat dog mantra and forget the notions of “set and forget,” “copy and paste” or the current world champion “we’ll do all the work for you.”

Do you really believe that garbage?

There’s a whole world of possibility within your grasp. All you need to do is open your eyes.

OK, sermon over. Let’s get down to business.

Step 1 Join Start Earning Today.

Don’t just join it. Take action. The five programs listed will help build a solid foundation for your business.

  • Make it your business to log in at least once a day to Free BitCoin and spin that dial. Every bit helps.
  • Make Brave your browser. It pays you for your browsing activity and it adds up quite quickly. Right now the Brave token has taken a bit of a beating, but it will bounce back as the crypto market inevitably will. Don’t uderestimate how valuable this is.
  • Make Presearch your search engine. They will pay you crpyo tokens for the first 20 searches that you do a day. Again, it adds up rather quickly. When was the last time Google rewarded you for using their services?
  • Join Hive. This platform is something else. You can get rewarded for every piece of content that you provide. Blog posts, videos, gaming (yes really) , commenting and social interaction all will earn you some money. There;s even a fitness app taht rewards exercise. The more you post, the more active you are, the more quality you bring, the more you will be rewarded. Read that last sentence again. My username at Hive is @markhodge. Follow me and I’ll follow you back. There’s no catch, no upgrade, just an invitation to engage and prosper
  • Use the micro blogging platform Noise.Cash as often as you can. It’s something that I don’t do enough and have to become more involved in, but it’s there waiting to pay you for being invvolved.

Joining those five programs will take you about fifteen minutes and it may take you a while to come to grips with Hive and Noise.Cash, the other three programs will start earning you income passively from day one. That’s pretty cool.

Step 2 Immerse yourself in Hive

Hive should be your central focus. Why? Because it offers limitless potential for you to not only earn today but to grow a substantial nest egg for tomorrow. It’s really hard to get your head around initially, that’s why I strongly recommend that you invest some time learning about how Hive operates and how you can profit from using it.
There is no better guide available than the free Hive Guide. Join it, and go through all the lessons. They are invaluable.

Once you’ve got a good grasp of Hive, you’ll be ready to move on to Step 3.

Step 3 Join Click Track Profit

There’s a fair chance you may already be a member. If you haven’t logged in for a while, you’re going to be in for quite a shock. CTP has undergone a complete metamorphosis and while its earlier version was an excellent platform for affiliate marketers to learn the ropes even just five years ago, the world has changed dramatically. This new version is in my opinion the best affiliate marketing educational platform on the planet. It is free to join. There are upgrade options available, but there is no pressure or rush. Join free, take advantage of what’s on offer and earn yourself some CTP tokens on the hive blockchain with CTP Talk. CTP is one of those programs that you should make time to visit regularly and take advantage of the wealth of information available.

OK, so now’s where it gets really interesting.

Step 4 List Nerds

Once you get what is on offer at List Nerds. you are going to be astounded. The guys at CTP have taken the viral mailer concept and turned it upside down. This mailer is all about engagement and they encourage that engagement by putting everything on the Hive blockchain.

Photo by Sami Abdullah from Pexels

That means that you can be rewarded for receiving and sending emails as well as staking some List Nerds tokens in the site. It’s enough to make your head spin. So here’s where it just gets crazy. with most List Mailers, the idea is to earn enough mailing credits then to get in, send your mail and get out, Usually, the mail contains an affiliate offer, some offers are good, some stink. But either way, there’s no engagement involved. There’s a saturation bombing mentality at work that involves sending enough mail through enough mailers that you’ll hit something sometime. It’s not exactly fun, nor is it fulfilling.

So here’s what you can do with List Nerds.
Direct the reader to your best and freshest content on Hive and ask them to comment. Do you see what can happen? You’re getting genuine visitors to your blog post, they can upvote your content. You earn through sending the mail AND through the upvotes on the blog post. The reader earns in two ways – by reading the email AND by commenting on your blog post. It’s magic. I know that I’ve said I don’t want your credit card details and I truly don’t by I would seriously encourage you to stake some of your Hive earnings in List Nerds. There are reasons to upgrade, but that is entirely up to you.

Step 5 Take a Breath, Smell the Roses

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When you’ve reached this stage you will have set up the following income streams

  • Free Bitcoin
  • Brave
  • Presearch
  • Hive
  • Noise.Cash
  • CTP tokens
  • List Nerds Tokens

If you’re working on creating content and building your reputation within Hive, you’ll be well on the way to creating a legitimate and sustainable income. Review how far you’ve come and reward yourself. What you do next is entirely up to you.

Step 6 Recommend what you know works

One of the great irritants in Internet Marketing is the fake it till you make it philosophy that is prevalent and in some cases encouraged throughout the industry. It’s a slippery slope. If you’ve followed all 5 steps so far, you know this works. You also know that you don’t have to tell anybody about it because you’re making money without marketing to a soul.

That’s going to be enough for a lot of people. But some of us have this affiliate marketing thing in our DNA. There’s a whole world of marketers who need to hear what you know, and here’s the magical thing, the more that you recommend what works, the more your earning capacity within and beyond Hive will grow,

If you want to let the world of affiliate marketers know about Hive and you’ve completed the above five steps then and only then move to Step 6 and traffic generation.


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