Key Reports & Downloads

I believe that you will find the following reports helpful.

The Single Biggest Reason For Failure

A wise man told me this many years ago. it’s probably the single best piece of advice that I’ve ever received.

Why Doesn’t Your Ad Work

Never blame the advertising channel – look at what and how you’re advertising.

Winning Headlines

The most important part of a product that I had some success with on JV Zoo.

Plus 1 Success

The Japanese have a word that has no equivalent in the English language… “Kaizen”
When translated, it means to improve daily. Step by step, inch by inch, milestone by milestone….
Easy to say, harder to actually put into practice. +1 Success is the study of the art of ‘kaizen.’

It is well worth your time. Suffice to say I’ve downloaded a lot of information over the years and this is the only book that I feel comfortable sharing with you. The small fo

Free tools

A list of tools that I find makes my job that little bit easier