List Nerds Relaunch Can Change List Mailing & Affiliate Marketing For the Better

There’s a growing buzz starting to circulate around the relaunch of List Nerds, the list mailing platform launched by what was then Timtech in what seems like a long time ago. The site has 25000 members and has always been something of a maverick compared to other list mailers.

Initially, it was hugely successful, no doubt in part due to the huge popularity of Click Track Profit which was arguably at that time the leading affiliate marketing platform on the planet.

One of the premier features of List Nerds was that there was no timer attached to links, meaning that you could build up credits quickly and easily. It was also heavily weighted in favour of Pro Members. It was priced accordingly.

There’s no doubt that List Nerds got a lot of people involved in List Maling, who otherwise would not have been. It was an interesting time.

I never upgraded. I couldn’t quite see the value. Additionally, it also wasn’t compatible with my then preferred mailing tracker, which just made mailing a minor inconvenience. But I loved the initiative and preparedness to push the envelope and rattle cages.

Over the past year I”ve been monitoring List Nerds with more than casual interest. Timtech is no more. Replaced by AffilaTech, which, as I understand is a partnership between Jon Olson and Blain Jones. Both men are seasoned marketing professionals whose skills and strengths complement and support each other. AffilaTech has steered Click Track Profit on a new course and has championed emerging blockchain technology. That represented a huge risk, perhaps made a little easier by the troubles with Paypal. I kept wondering how this blockchain technology would be used with List Nerds. We’re about to find out.

Very early in the New Year CTP announced their plans for List Nerds and boy oh boy, those plans are big.

The essence of what is proposed is outlined here It isn’t long. You need to read it because the opportunities presented by the relaunched mailer are many.

This is the step into the new frontier that I was hoping List Nerds could make. I upgraded a few minutes ago.

If you’re not a member, I urge you to join today and take a good look around. If you’re not a member of CTP, it would be wise to join there as well. Joining booth programs is free. Get in now.

Action to take now

  1. Join List Nerds
  2. Join Click Track Profit

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