Success is disguised as hard work -here’s a shortcut

Here’s a question for you.

Do you know anyone anywhere who woke up one day and thought that they would begin dabbling in something that interested them and all of a sudden became successful?

Anyone? Anywhere?

The odds of that happening are in the lotto winning region.

It just doesn’t happen.

There’s truth in that old saying that success usually shows up disguised as hard work.

I was reminded of this today while going over some of the training in the Click Track profit membership area. In one of the content modules, Jon references one of the “go-to” content creators who says that to be successful in content creation you should simply focus on creating 100 different pieces of content and not expect anything while you do that. The same guy says that when you’ve created 1000 pieces of content you can expect to have some cut through and a reasonable brand.

That’s an awful lot of content. It is no wonder that people seek a shortcut and chase pots of gold at the end of cyber rainbows that can never be caught. The sheer level of commitment and hard work required to be successful is overwhelming.

The price of success is always overwhelming. The amount of work and commitment required to reach the pinnacle in any endeavour is too much for all but those who really want it.

Most of us ordinary people need an incentive to keep us engaged and on track. Something that validates and rewards us. Building subscriber lists and followers can only take you so far. We need something that rewards us enough to keep the fires burning. Ten years ago, it was Adsense. But Google has created so many rules and obstacles that Adsense has become nonsense. Very few ordinary people get paid for publishing Adsense and knock off variants have never filled the void.

That’s one of the reasons I love Web 3.0

Web 3.0 to the rescue

One of the really limiting features of Web 2.0 and programs like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc is that ultimately we are the product. We exchange our data in return for the right to use these platforms and get nothing out of it.

Web 3.0 flicks the switch and turns the whole model on its head.

There is no more striking example of this change than the Hive platform. This is the platform that rewards you to create content. Here you can focus on building your 100 pieces of content while building a real engaged following AND your brand AND a portfolio of cryptocurrency assets. There is no cost to do this. It just takes drive, dedication, desire, determination and discipline (something I find myself wanting in).

You don’t have to be Stephen King. You don’t even have to be Dr Seuss. Just write what you know. Be honest and work to improve every day.

Success will come, but t will be disguised as hard work.

To learn more about Hive check out the infographic below and visit the Hive Guide and if you’re not a member of CTP yet, sign up for free today

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