When two worlds collide grab your popcorn

What happens when world’s collide?

Nothing is ever the same again.

Right now, we’re watching two worlds collide. The internet marketing community, with their tried and tested methods are coming to grips with this new fangled engagement tool called List Nerds. It makes riveting viewing.


Because their tried and tested methods are more than likely going to leave them in the dust.

List Nerds 2.0 represents a whole new way of doing things.

Old hand @jimmy.adames has seen this and remarked upon the challenges that this represents to those of us in the Hive community who want to share the benefits of list Nerds with others. His blog post makes interesting reading here

Open and click through rates are through the roof

But that kind of misses the point. there is serious money to be made through Hive, if you’re prepared to get your hands dirty and do some work. It requires a new way of thinking and a completely new approach. List Nerds represents a great introdction to Hive and the potential income tha can be made through engaging with others on the blockchain.

If you spend a little time at List Nerds it is easy to spot the dedicated Hivers and the dyed in the wool marketers. The Hive community wants to engage. The Internet marketing community has been conditioned to sell. They are operating on completely different wave lengths.

If you’ve arrived at List Nerds looking to play the game as you know it to have always been played, you’re kind of missing the point. You’ll have success at List Nerds, but you’ll only ever be marketing to that ever diminishing crowd of marketers that use List Mailers and Traffic Exchanges. I don’t believe that there is a long term viable future in doing that. The world is moving on. It’s time to move with it.

Time invested in learning how List Nerds and Hive work will pay off manifold.

Time is finite. We’re all given the same amount of hours everyday. How we choose to use them defines how successful we will be. I found this great post on LinkedIn of all places. It’s a quote from a guy called Chris Do.

Source Chrs Do https://twitter.com/theChrisDo

List Nerds, CTP and Hive hand you the vehicles to create impact. Nothing happens overnight, but showing up every day and giving is going to pay off.

I remember years ago, a prominent marketer saying that she loathed programs that offfered training. I was (and still are) genuiely puzzled by this attitude. Did she know it all?

I’ve made some huge mistakes. Invariably making that mistake has involved missing the moment, or not appreciating what was in front of me (Don’t worry about this Bitcoin thing, it won’t last is the current undisputed heavyweight champion, but there are others almost as big). there’s an arrogance in all of us that says things will stay the same. It is comfortable to think we don’t have to learn anymore or change. Blacksmiths probably never saw the ramifications of the Model T and the assembly line until there business was shutting its doors. Kodak executives probably never saw digital cameras coming and then there’s that ghost town called MySpace that you might dimly remember(Rupert Murdoch sure does).

Nothing is forever. Everything evolves. Sometimes it just goes BANG! Those who adapt survive. Those who don’t – don’t.

Invest in yourself first. Educating your yourself about blockchain is time well spent. Start with the Hive Guide. Join List Nerds and have a poke around. Find people who have been around this thing for a while and follow them.
Stick your toes in the water. Let it wash over you and then immerse yourself into the new way of doing things. Stop selling. Start engaging. Sit back and watch the show, because when two worlds collide, you need popcorn.

Enjoy life.

Top Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels


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