Make Your New Years Resolution a BHAG

2024 lies before us with all manner of challenges, opportunities, successes and failures possible.

It is the time of year when people are encouraged to make “New Year’s resolutions.” Inevitably these resolutions, no matter how sincere will fall by the wayside as real-world reality bites

Mine usually don’t last a week. I make the usual grab bag of empty self-promises of losing a few pounds (I still speak in old money. Kilos mean nothing to me), cutting back on the beers in the evening, running a few laps of the local oval, spending more quality time with my wife etcetera. 

Although well-meant, those resolutions are doomed to fail.

They’re wishes not commitments.

This year I’m not making a New Year’s Resolution.

Instead, I’m setting what was a buzzword in my former corporate life for all of maybe six months. (Corporates are just as guilty of “wishing” things better as any  fallible human being.)

Yep, I’m setting what is known as a BHAG

What’s a BHAG?

It’s an acronym (some might even call it a rude acronym)  for Big Hairy Ass (Audacious) Goals. In other words a big bold goal.

I want to earn 10K a month. Every month.

I’ve written it down in my work diary and I’ve committed to working towards that.

It’s kind of daunting. 

It isn’t a wish. It’s a goal. Now I have to set a course of action that will get me there. One step at a time.

That’s going to take some self-evaluation and may involve some hard decisions about where I spend my time and money. Invariably it will involve adjustments as time goes on, but everything I do online now will be focussed on achieving my goal. 

Everything will be reappraised, reassessed and where necessary reworked. Constant improvement will be the focus. 

I could spend another 1000 words detailing the minutiae of my plan, but we’d both probably fall asleep after the first couple of hundred. The point is I’m committed to achieving my goal, I haven’t committed to doing X number of ads on X number of platforms or writing X number of blog posts. I’m committed to getting better and doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

How about you? Have you set a bold goal for 2024? Let me know if you have. I’d love to hear from you.