Three very simple ways to start building your list today

A key point to succeeding online is to build your email list.
It’s fundamental but often misunderstood.

I well remember an old marketing friend complaining to me that List Mailers had broken the system. “Nobody needs a list. They can email their offers all the time.”

He’s kind of missed the most important point of building a subscriber list.   The aim of building a subscriber list is not to send people a slew of offers, but to build a relationship with the subscribers. You can’t build a relationship through an advertising platform. You need a central communication hub. That communication hub should be your autoresponder.   If you’ve got one – great. If you haven’t you need to get one and I can’t think of a better value autoresponder that has high deliverability rates than Lead’s Leap’s built-in Sendsteed autoresponder.   One of the big hurdles with building your list is actually building lead capture pages.   Sure, there are various programs that can help you build squeeze pages, and there are software programs like FrontPage, Dreamweaver and Trellian that can help you build your own squeeze pages, but if you want to get started today, you need something that you can basically plug and play.   Fortunately, a lot of people have identified the flexibility and portability of the Leads Leap program and have built little systems to allow you to tap into prebuilt squeeze pages and follow up systems that allow you to build your subscriber list from day one.   Here are three that you can start setting up today and begin building your list.      

Option 1 Martin Chantler’s Reduce the Hype  Leads Leap Funnel system  

A simple effective system that builds traffic and leverages the Pay Per Click income potential of Leads Leap while building a subscriber list I like the simplicity of this, it’s simple to set up and contains an inbuilt earning mechanism. This is not a membership site as such, but Martin makes sure that you have all the assets and resources available via his website.
It is what it is – a simple, easy to use and install system that will help build your list, traffic and income. It doesn’t pretend to be cutting edge or revolutionary, but it beats the pants off a lot of big-ticket programs that don’t make as much sense.


Option 2 Erik Gustaffson’s Hive Guide  

This is pretty cool and allows you to build a list of people interested in earning cryptocurrency.
Erik provides you with a lead capture, page, download page, email follow up series and re-brandable PDF report

Option 3 Lucie Bellamarie’s TE Training  

From almost, the very first day that I’ve been involved with online marketing, the residual traffic earning capacity of traffic exchanges has fascinated me. There used to be a program that advertised that you could leverage this power to generate 10000 hits per day.
I’ve never seen traffic like that but I do appreciate the residual traffic that my referrals generate. At its heart, Lucie’s program is a spin on this concept. It certainly generates a lot of interest…but there are some downsides to the program itself.   I think she has a few too many TE programs listed and some of them (just a couple) are pretty close to dormant.  She also includes a couple of affiliate programs that have nothing to do with traffic, which is a little confusing.   As an interest generator, this works pretty well. So, I keep it in rotation. If traffic exchanges float your boat, then I think you’ll find that this program serves as an excellent ice breaker with subscribers.


If you’re not building a subscriber list, these three systems give you an easy way to start building a list and the great thing is that once you start with Leads Leap, you’ll never lose that list for cost reasons.


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