Traffic Platform Rankings

I’ve begun to aggressively track the effectiveness of advertising platforms across the Internet Marketing landscape.

My focus has been to track effectiveness and value AND to determine whether these traditional forms of advertising have a place in the world as we move well into the 21st century.

Platforms like List Nerds have not been assessed, largely because I’d be comparing apples with oranges. List Nerds is an entirely different beast and I’m still working on criteria that will make them comparable.
With that said, factors I’m currently using to evaluate various platforms are click-through rates, actions taken, cost of advertising (in time and/or dollar value and overall reach.

My early testing has revealed some surprising results with the stand-out mailers being as follows.

Viral Mailer For You
I’m a diamond member here and while I was initially hesitant to be involved with a site that at first glance, appeared to be a clone of its elder brother, Free Advertising For You, I have to admit that the activity on this site is top level. Viral Mailer For You ticks all the boxes and comes up with an overall value score of nearly double of its nearest rival.

Free Advertising For You
This has been one of my top-rated sites for some time. As a diamond member, I get to send a solo ad every five days. I can guarantee enough advertising credits by simply claiming the promo codes on offer through the owner’s regular newsletters. This is one site where the upgrade represents enormous value.

Elite Downline Builder

This came as a big surprise to me. I paid a one-time upgrade fee some time ago and have only recently been taking advantage of the solo ad facility available. I’m getting well above average-response rates here. Whether that continues will be interesting, but right now, I’m enjoying the ride.

Fast List Mailer

A professionally run mailer with a decent member base, delivering very solid click-through and response rates. This is one site where I allowed my Pro membership to lapse. That will be changing.


List Surfing

One of the Darren Olander advertising sites, List Surfing delivers outstanding value, with consistent numbers across all assessed areas coupled with constant site visibility

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

A number of other sites also performed quite strongly including Adchiever, State of the Art Mailer, Viral Nugget and Mr Safelist.

What about traffic exchanges?

With several exceptions, I think the jury is still deliberating on what place Traffic Exchanges have in the future market.

Most Exchanges are delivering very poor results. The ones listed below are offering good value for money.

I have hundreds of thousands of TE credits to distribute and I’m hoping to see some more action from other sites.
Just a word about Infinity Traffic Boost. The results I’m getting here are right up there compared to the very best mailers and the cost of traffic is comparatively cheap.


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