Headlines that hit you between the eyes

I had an ordinary week last week and my productivity was way down.

Life happens and we can’t always perform as we would like to.

As a result, my advertising tracking results are a little skewed this week, but I’ll list them at the foot of this article with relevant comments.

The weekend was spent doing family related things and trying to chill out.

On Sunday morning, we visited a farmers market and I couldn’t help but be drawn to this stall.

There are so many things that this merchant has nailed so completely. His branding is quirky and dare I say, unique, making him stand out like a sore thumb. BUt it’s teh headline that got me.

I just had to try what he was offering (and I bought some).

There is a lot to learn from this guy.

Be unique. Offer a good product and spend time on writing capitivating headlines that create a desire to learn more. For many years I’ve made use of and repackaged a headline guide that I bought from my olf friend Graham Hamer. Subscribers to several of my email lists have been able to access this guide without charge. The report is available here (no charge or opt in required) I revisit every couple of months or so – I suggest that you give it a read.

Updated Mailer Rankings

4Viral Mailer For You11311
4.75Free Advertising For You 3574
10.25List Surfing913910
13.75Express Train Mailer418924
13.75List Jumper1510713
14100 Percent Clicks261677
14Viral Nugget316172
15.5Instant Ad Power1225916
16.75Elite Team Ads333265
17.5Wifi Mailer637522
18.25Fast List Mailer20231616

All mailers are ranked on 4 criteria and an overall score allocated. The lower the overall score, the better performed the mailer is. Of the 150 mailers tested, there are clost to 60 that I regard as performing well and maybe 20 that are close to dead.
There are another 10 mailers that could easily slot into the bottom tiers of the above table. Some of the big name mailers (SOTAM, European Safelist, Mr Safelist and the Lead Magnet) fall in to this category. Elite Team Ads continues to outperform expectations, but has slowed a little in terms of response rate.

The best ranked mailers in terms of actions and response rate were European safelist and Mailer Gold.


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