Top traffic sources for August

The most valuable commodity in online marketing is traffic. With that in mind, I’m listing my top 10 traffic sources together with the cost to me and any other comments I deem to be relevant.

Top 10 traffic sources

Viral Mailer for You

Traffic delivered 2421 Visitors Recorded actions – 21
I am a diamond member here and if the truth be told, I’m underutilising this resource. Diamond membership enables me to mail every day and I can also send a solo ad every 4 days. I haven’t made use of other advertising avenues (banners etc.) and see potential upside there.
The cost of a Diamond membership for me is $37 for 90 days or $12.33 per month, making the traffic delivered for the month of August to be $0.0051 per click (1/2 a cent) The number of recorded actions suggests that Viral Mailer For YOu is a worthwhile traffic source.

Infinity Traffic Boost

Traffic delivered 1810 visitors recorded actions 36

One of the few traffic exchanges that delivers engaged traffic. I largely advertise splash pages here so the actions number is a little inflated compared to other sources.

I bought traffic package 4 (9846 visitors for .001 BTC) at the end of July and the traffic has steadily come through since. .001 BTC is worth approximately $26 USD Approximately 18% of my traffic has been delivered. If I apply 18% of $26 to the traffic delivered, those 1810 visitors have cost me $4.77 or $0.0026 per click. That represents outstanding value.

Free Advertising For You

Traffic delivered 1217 visitors recorded actions 18.

I am a Diamond Lifetime member. I believe that membership cost me $97 eons ago. For the purpose of this exercise, I can apply that cost over 60 months which equates to $1.61 per month 1217 visitors @ $1.61 is a bargain. The cost per visitor equated to $0.0013 per visitor (1tenth of a cent).

Leads Leap

Traffic delivered 1198 visitors Recorded actions 36

I’m a pro member here and all that traffic is hands-free. The cost of Pro membership was $19.90.

The cost of traffic here works out to be $0.016 per visitor. I think this is well worth it, as I find Leads Leap to be super responsive. Most of the recorded actions were opt-ins, making the subscriber cost well below 40 cents.

Mister Safelist

Traffic delivered 985 visitors Recorded actions 10

I am a VIP member here and can mail every day. VIP membership costs me $17. That makes the cost of traffic $0.017 per visitor, which I find acceptable. Mister Safelist delivers responsive traffic and I’ve found it to be well worth the membership.

List Surfing

Traffic delivered 936 Recorded actions 7

I missed a couple of mailings here this month, but the traffic still hit acceptable levels. I pay a yearly pro membership fee of $95.67 ($7.97 a month). 936 visitors cost me $0.0085 per visitor. That’s not too shabby,

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

Atlas Safelist

Traffic delivered 916 Actions 4

I am a top-level member of Atlas Safelist as a result of purchasing an Ultimate Upgrade Pass. The current cost of this is $197 and entitles you to top-level lifetime membership at eleven quality advertising sites. There are five mailers. I’m going to be conservative in calculating the cost of traffic (I’m going to overstate it). I will apply the full $197 cost across five mailers and round it off to $40 each. If I apply that cost over 60 months. The cost of this is 66c per month. Those 916 visitors cost me 0.00072 each. That’s infinitesimally small.
If you can’t see your way clear to spend the $197 with the Ultimate Upgrade Pass Atlas Safelist is running an anniversary celebration upgrade offer.

Wifi Mailer

Traffic delivered 862 Actions 15

I bought a CEO 90 package here for $57. That works out to a comparatively expensive $19 per month. There were a number of bonuses that made the offer attractive but overall, this is one upgrade that I probably would not recommend that you take initially. The cost per visitor works out to be 0.022 which is comparitively expensive. The expense has to be weighed up against the responsiveness which is pretty good.

State of the Art Mailer

Traffic delivered 847 Actions 10

I’ve always believed SOTAMs traffic to be on the expensive side. I’m working at building my presence here and took a six-month 3000 button level upgrade which cost $85.04 (Works out to be $14.16 per month). The cost of traffic works out to be $0.0167 per visitor which is well within my wheelhouse. I’ll be taking a higher-level upgrade when this package matures.

Email Marketing Evolved!

World Traffic Mailer

Traffic delivered 744 Actions 4

World Traffic Mailer is another of the Ultimate Upgrade Pass mailers. If I apply the same formula as I did to Atlas Safelist, the cost of traffic is $0.000887 per visitor – slightly more than Atlas but further vindication for taking the ultimate Upgrade Pass


Traffic Delivered 773 Actions 4

I have a 90-day close friend membership with Mailsy which cost $29 – this works out at a cost of $9.67 per month. Those 773 visitors cost me $0.01250 cents per visitor, which I consider to be good value.

These are this month’s best sources of traffic for me. There isn’t anything remarkably new here and some of the newer sites are recording better response rates, but all of these sites have stood the test of time.

Check them out if you’re not a member.


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