Updated Mailer Rankings

Here are the raw rankings for tracked mailers over the past 30 days

Most traffic provided

Most Responsive Mailer Audience

Best Click Through Rates

Best Overall Response Score

General comments

There are some anomalies in these numbers. Viral Nugget would be a surprise to many, but its numbers are helped considerably by the text ad feature available to pro members. These text ads are published widely on the web and have proven to be very responsive.

Click-through rates are not the most important metric in my opinion. They are an indicator of responsiveness but given the various rules on mailers, they can be misleading. (Ant mailer for example requires free members to click 15 ads before sending a mail, artificially increasing click-through rates) On the other hand, Darren Olander’s sites are set up so that you only mail to active members, this guarantees an above-average click-through rate.

In order for a site to be listed in the best overall response score they had to meet minimum traffic and response criteria. The response scores are jumping around a bit and I expect this to continue for another couple of weeks.

Sites worth watching

A site released without much fanfare and growing organically is Elite Team Ads. The site is in its infancy and very small at the moment, growing by about 30 members a week. Its click-through rate is currently way above average and its responsiveness is pretty good as well. The only reason it doesn’t feature more heavily in the rankings above is that its current size prevents it from meeting some key criteria in relation to traffic generated. I think it’s worth joining and the upgrade deals are generous at this time.

Keep an eye on it, and maybe join as a free member for now.

At the other end of the spectrum is Darren Olander’s Viral Nugget. Its membership base is quite small but as Darren only counts active members, that can be deceiving.
What I really like about Viral Nugget is its text ads function that gets your ad out across a myriad of sites. For that reason, I would recommend that you give consideration to taking an upgrade here.

Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!

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