The Make Money Online Revolution

From the very first days of the Internet, people have been working at making money online. Almost all of them follow a variation of the same old model. It has been logical to transport the offline world market-based method into this new frontier.

Simply put, to make money online, you have to convince someone to buy something from you, or at the very least, make advertising space available for others to convince someone to buy something from them (Adsense).

From day dot the odds have been seriously stacked against the many thousands of hopeful “netrepreneurs” trying to compete against bigger budgets and entire departments of corporate sales. Affiliate marketing gives the little guy a chance, but inevitably, most affiliate marketers end up competing for scraps in the make money online niche where ethical practices are as scarce as hen’s teeth.

We’ve all seen the statistics that 95% of online marketers fail. If we care to drill down a little further, I’m pretty sure that the majority of that 95% never make a single sale. Furthermore, of the 5% that “make it,” I suspect that maybe 3 in 100 are making seriously good coin. The rest of us could make more if we went back to our old day jobs.

Cryptocurrency has changed the odds

I know, I know, when anyone mentions cryptocurrency, the first thought is Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is just one of many hundreds of forms of cryptocurrency and while revolutionary in its own right, it simply is another form of currency, albeit a decentralised one.

So, let’s forget about Bitcoin for a moment and talk about Blockchain technology. Blockchain is the technology that Bitcoin is built on, but it has a variety of applications.

Once you begin investigating this concept, you will find search engines that pay you cryptocurrency to search, browsers that pay you to browse and a platform that will reward you for creating content. Selling becomes a secondary issue.

One of the most innovative and exciting applications is the Delegated Proof of Stake protocol. When you couple this with a decentralised ecosystem and what has been coined the Proof of Brain concept, you enable users to earn cryptocurrency without investment simply by creating content. the Hive platform enables all of this to happen seamlessly. This content creation can be done through blog creation, commenting, sharing, video creation or a variety of other mechanisms. In fact, once, you drill down into Hive, you will be blown away by the potential for its adoption across a variety of applications.

It’s going to feel foreign at first

Hive changes the game, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. But, because it’s a new game, it’s only natural that you’re going to be uncertain and a little hesitant about how it works and what the rules are. You’re going to need someone to hold your hand.

Fortunately, there’s a whole community waiting to do just that. That community is Click Track Profit. They will make you very welcome.

My first and foremost recommendation to you today is to join Click Track Profit and then join List Nerds. Log into Click Track Profit every day and work through the many incisive and helpful lessons. There’s a whole series dedicated to Hive that will make you feel right at home. List Nerds will simply blow your mind once you understand what’s happening with content creation and how the proof of stake concept has been applied to proof of mail.

Join both programs. Kick the tyres, get your feet wet without rising taking a bath and discover how to earn by creating content.

Your online make money activities will never be the same…just better.

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