You’re better than what you’ve been led to believe

Yesterday I saw an amazing quote attributed to martial arts legend Bruce Lee. ( I still remember going to see his movies when I was a teenager)

Here’s the quote

I think it’s really powerful and to be honest, it has special significance for me. as I went through a particularly dark period when I was a much younger man.

I didn’t think I was good enough for anything. 

I wasn’t good enough to pursue my Aussie Rules football interests, I wasn’t a good enough writer. I wasn’t good enough to hold my place in a decent band, I wasn’t good enough for promotion and I didn’t think I was good enough for the girl that I desperately wanted to get to know better.

That was all in my head and I let it rule my behaviour. I settled for way less than I was capable of.

I did that to me. There’s no one else to blame.

It wasn’t until I moved away from my hometown and gave myself some space to “be me” that I began to look at myself and life from a more positive angle.

It’s been a journey (I’ve written a book about it) and one that still has many possible paths to follow. I don’t have negative self-talk anymore, but I could still talk myself up a little. 

The point is that we are all capable of much more than we think.  Society conditions us to accept that we aren’t special. But we are when we allow ourselves to be.

Don’t buy the lie that you are ordinary. You’re not. You’re you and there’s no one quite like you. 

Explore your possibilities. Be open to change. Live life and celebrate your victories however small.


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