Hive – the social media revolution is here

If somebody asked me today where to start with making money online, I would not hesitate. I would recommend the Hive platform. This has the potential to change the way people think about the connections between creativity, content, social media and making money.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of ways that you can grow an income from HIve.

You can get paid to comment, post, create videos, share photographs of even report on your exercise activity (I kid you not – you get paid to exercise with the Acifit app,) The potential to earn is only limited by your imagination.

So, why am I so excited?

I’ve been involved in online marketing in one shape or form for well over a decade.

It certainly has come a long way.

For almost the entire time that I’ve been involved, I’ve struggled to get real rewards for the content that I’ve provided.

I’m a one-man show. I’ve always tried to do the lot and while there are shortcuts to getting traffic, they usually involve stifling my instincts and following set formulas of buying traffic, directing to squeeze pages, creating one time offers and trying to make money on the follow-up. There’s a relentless churn involved and, to be frank, it’s not overly satisfying.

Web 2.0 went some way to alleviating that problem, but the SEO competition in this space is fierce, to say the least. Inevitably, a lot of good content was wasted and got lost in cyberspace. Pretty soon, the inevitable buy traffic, direct to squeeze page, make a one-time offer, channel to blog cycle was in full swing. It wasn’t satisfying.

When cryptocurrency first emerged, I hardly noticed. I was too busy “creating content” and eking out a living buying and selling traffic.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that the underlying technology of cryptocurrency, the blockchain, opened all sorts of possibilities for creators of content. There has been a raft of creator platforms emerge. Steemit was the first that really got my attention and for a while, it was rewarding me quite handsomely. Minds is another platform that showed lots of early potential. People were blogging about everything from politics to sport to gaming and provided that their content was original and good, they were getting rewarded in various tradeable tokens.

Hive emerged out of Steem and it is exploding in all sorts of amazing directions. A whole new world of tradeable tokens is evolving before our eyes. I’m earning Hive, CTP tokens, Leo Finance tokens, even Beer tokens. And the amazing thing is is that they all seem to be growing in value over time. Yes, their prices fluctuate widely, but the trend is good and as it cost me nothing to earn, I’m holding as much of it as I can.

Now, this whole concept can be confusing and a little intimidating. That’s why I highly recommend getting involved with HIve through two friendly and helpful channels. The first is the Hive Guide– a helpful free guide to walk you through the steps of getting started and how to start getting rewarded for creating content. The second is the team at Click Track Profit. They really are all over this and they care about getting others involved.

This post will appear at Bull Free Zone and on the ctpswarm thread at Hive and is intended to introduce people to the possibilities.


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