What I learned this week about List Nerds, Crypto and my gut

One way and another it’s been a big week. It certainly hasn’t been smooth sailing with a couple of projects getting derailed and the weather playing havoc with my internet connection.

While I’ve achieved more most other weeks, I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited or learned as much as I have this week. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Lesson 1 List Nerds is more revolutionary than I imagined

This is hard to get your head around. Putting List Nerds on the blockchain literally changes everything about advertising. I mean everything,
Advertising here is not “Buy my junk.” It is more “Please engage with me.”
Engagement is rewarding for both the sender and the reader of the email. Every email I read, I earn a little bit of Crypto. Every email that I send I earn more. It’s insane.

How insane?

The best explanation I can give is to share Chris’ story. The guy made over $200 sending just one email. That’s without anyone even clicking a link. I kid you not. You can read his story here. As I said, it’s just insane. If you’re not in List Nerds, now is the time to get in and get involved.

Lesson 2 There is a savings account on Hive that pays 12% per annum interest.

Woah…bear with me here. This needs some explaining.

There are three currency elements within Hive. Hive, Hive Power (HP) and Hive Backed dollars (HBD). Hive backed dollars are a “stable coin in as much as they are programmed to be pegged to the USD. While Hive itself and Hive Power can and do fluctuate in line with the whims of the crypto market, HBD is much more stable. the price will fluctuate plus or minus five cents but no further.

Until today I was not aware that every Hive account has a savings capacity. You can lock your HBD away in this savings account and will be paid 12% per annum. That’s pretty cool. It’s not some fly by night HYIP that promises Christmas on a stick and then disappears without a trace. The savings account and the rate are programmed into the Hive blockchain. Pretty cool.

Lesson 3 Crypto Mondays Podcasts are a must watch

Jon Olson is on fire. His passion and enthusiasm know no bounds. You can check out the latest one here

The problem for me is that the time that they’re live doesn’t suit my schedule. I’ll see what I can do.

Lesson 4 Get Use Grow

Photo by Photpmix Company Pexels

This came straight out of the crypto Monday podcast. Hive is an amazing vehicle that gives us the ability to get crypto with a bit of honest labour. Once you’ve got it, there are dozens of ways to use it to good effect. You can grow it in a variety of ways, be it staking, delegating or parking in that savings account.

Lesson 5 Trust my Gut

I’ve known what was happening with List Nerds for a while. I did upgrade and I did stake some List nerds tokens. I don’t regret doing so. What I regret doing is not following my gut instinct to upgrade to the highest level like Chris did.

You live and learn, I guess.

Top Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


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