Marketing spotlight Referral Frenzy

As a long time affiliate marketer, I have no hesitation in recommending Referral Frenzy.

However, the site can be quite intimidating at first glance and it can be a bit overwhelming.
The key features are that

  • it definitely saves a lot of time for those of us who use a lot of mailers both in sending mail and keeping banner and text ads active
  • The bonus advertising on offer is well worth it.

The cost of membership at Referral Frenzy is enough to make you think twice about its benefits. Therefore my recommendation is that you give it a try for seven days and take advantage of the free advertising on offer. If it is something that you can work into your daily routine so that it frees up your time, it’s pretty much a no brainer, but I’m mindful that many people new to online marketing will simply be overwhelmed by what is on offer. If you’re relatively new to List Mailing, this may not be for you..but there’s no harm in having a poke around for seven days.

The bottom line is that if you are serious about List Mailing as an advertising vehicle, then you should seriously consider how Referral Frenzy can help you.


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