Where’s the value in that?


What does it mean?

How do you ascertain value when comparing apples and oranges?

What does return on investment mean and while we’re at it, how do you manage ROI on such things as love, engagement and giving?….or as a well known social media identity has asked, “How do you manage the ROI on your mother?”

When we’re in the internet marketing space one of the huge red flags for me is when a product or program leads with its commission rate. Doesn’t it actually do anything of value? By value, I mean to educate, inspire, or provide a service such as hosting, re-branding, support or worthwhile advertising. Mind you, it would have to be a pretty inspirational site for me to fork over my hard-earned cash…but you never know.

This brings me around to the subject of upgrades.

What should you look for when thinking about upgrades?

The simple answer is Return In Investment or ROI.

This is really difficult to calculate, but you can map out a rough projection based upon what your advertising results are.

For example, if you get a sale per every 10 leads that you generate, and it takes you 1000 page views to generate a lead, you’re looking at 10000 page views per sale and in all likelihood, a loss situation. My advice first and foremost would be to tweak all aspects of your campaign so that you generate more leads per 1000 page views and look at various ways to increase your sales conversion(s).

Once you have a good campaign, then you can look at scaling your advertising by investing in some paid advertising sources. After a while, you can confidently predict whether a site will deliver a Return on Investment over time.

Two such sites for me are Leads Leap and Herculist. Leads Leap traffic simply converts better than any of its direct competitors and it’s structured in such a way that it is the only site that I make sales directly from the site. Herculist is a massive advertising site and with Gold lifetime upgrades priced at very affordable rates, it was and still is a very easy value proposition. Gold upgrades allow you to email their entire list every 24 hours and while the response rate is not great, the sheer volume of recipients makes the price pay off.

Now, here’s where it gets a little murky. Both of these sites pay for themselves over and over with the leads and subsequent sales that they generate. Because of this, I have no hesitation in recommending them and they both pay me commissions to do so.

The real question you need to ask of me is this.

Would I readily recommend them if they didn’t pay a commission?

It’s a fair question and if I’m being totally honest with you, I’d have to say that until very recently, my business model entirely relied upon commissions generated from recommended sites. It’s always a catch 22 situation and it’s one that most affiliate marketers have difficulty in being honest about. It’s one of the reasons that I shy away from product launches. How can I recommend something that I haven’t even tried? Some people have no problem with that. I always have.

But, Mark, you’ve been recommending List Nerds since the day of its relaunch.

Indeed, I have been and that’s because I could see the value in List Nerds immediately. I didn’t have to try it to know it was worth recommending because it was linked to the Hive blockchain and I’ve been using that for at least three years. You see, List Nerds is a totally different beast compared to all of its competitors in the internet marketing advertising space. That’s because if you take the time to understand it and use it as an engagement engine rather than another “click for credits” incentive-based advertising site you will find value in using it.

How much value?

Let’s say that I’ve taken the enterprise-level upgrade at a cost of $97 per month and I’m supremely confident that I will generate a positive return on investment every month without even making a sale or generating a single subscriber.

How can that be?

It’s a very simple formula. Daily Engagement = Daily Proof of Email which = Daily List Nerds token Payouts which = a positive return on investment.

I’m not telling you to do as I’ve done, I’m asking you to take a look and to have a poke around. There are sure to be some questions. Go right ahead and ask them of me, or of the support admin within the site. This offers outstanding value. Put it to the test today.

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