What’s the deal with crypto faucets?

The cryptocurrency world is exploding It reminds me in some ways of the early days of Internet marketing and that’s exciting, but it also can be quite dangerous unless you keep your wits about you.

There are a lot of people who are under-resourced and looking for ways to enter the crypto world with as little risk as possible. Many turn to crypto faucets as a way to do this.

Essentially a crypto faucet will pay a trickle of income to you every predetermined set period. with some it’s every fifteen minutes, others a half-hour and some a full hour. The business model varies from faucet to faucet with some relying upon advertising, others using incentives to earn affiliate income (offer walls) and others like Free BitCoin using a gambling model to earn their income.

On the face of it, most of them are a waste of time and some are a deadset nuisance.

But…they can become quite addictive.

I’m currently a member of five that I know of and probably half a dozen more that I’ve forgotten about and a few others that folded like the proverbial pack of cards.

One of the things I’ve become increasingly aware of is the time is money philosophy. If you’re in the business of making money online, then you need to be maximising the time you spend and not be caught wandering down dark paths that are virtual blind alleys. I see a lot of faucets advertised and I wonder what the attraction is as they seem great time traps. Yet I’m a member of five or six key faucets and most days I find myself being on those sites for a couple of minutes each most days. I don’t see them as an integral part of my business but it doesn’t hurt to roll that wheel at FreeBitcoin or Cointiply at least once or twice a day.

Where these faucets may actually become worthwhile is when you can refer others to the faucet. The dilemma for me is why recommend something that I don’t appreciate?

The answer is that I can selectively recommend some with the rider being not to view these as anything more than “beer money” at best and not to get sucked in too deeply.

The best faucets in my opinion are those that don’t assault you with a range of offers. By assault, I mean to bombard you with pop-ups and redirects that make your brain fry.

The best I’ve found in this regard are Free BitCoin, Cointiply, GiftGiver and Satoshi Hero. Gift Giver is a Hive faucet, while the others are bitcoin faucets. I’ll talk about Hive more in a minute, but my feelings on the other three are pretty simple.

I visit them once or twice a day, get in and get out. I don’t promote them in any way other than through other programs’ funnels.

The two programs I prefer to do that with are Start Earning Today and Elite Downline Builder. Start Earning Today isn’t a faucet builder, it does list Free BitCoin though.

So it helps to grow my downline there. The other program that I’m pretty excited about is Elite Downline Builder

I’ve already reviewed Elite Downline Builder in a previous post. One of the little add ons that make the program worth joining is that it has a crypto accumulator which includes 5 crypto faucets including the three that I’ve already mentioned. Elite Downline Builder makes perfect sense for me and I’m happy to promote it.

Now, here comes the really intriguing bit.

Hive is rapidly becoming my major focus with my online earning activities.

As it takes more and more of my time, I’m sending less time on affiliate marketing. There’s a balance that needs to be found, but the potential I see with Hive far outweighs what I see with affiliate marketing. That’s why I’m happy to tap into the Gift Giver faucet three or four times a day. It supplements and builds what I’m already growing.

The question for me is simply this – why recommend anything else right now other than Hive, List Nerds and other associated programs?

I can spend an hour writing a post that ends up on Hive and I’m almost certain that that article will earn more than I could earn spending six to eight hours solid on crypto faucets, or two to three hours a day affiliate marketing? The answer is pretty simple.

Focus on Hive. Everything else secondary

Photo by Alesia Kozik from Pexels


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