The simple truths about online marketing.

Many years ago, I was told a very simple truth about online marketing. That simple truth was this

“From now on your single most important focus should be on building and cultivating your list.”

Graham Hamer – author of “the traffic jam,” “profit plan” and a suite of other top selling info products

It seems a really simple statement. But it isn’t that simple.

I embraced part of that statement from day one. Unfortunately, I didn’t embrace all of it.

It wasn’t until much later that I understood precisely what Graham had been saying to me. By then he had retired and I’d managed to build and break my online business twice.

The penny finally dropped for me when I was listening to Jon Olson from Click Track Profit dropping some pearls of wisdom in one of his many online live streams. I can’t remember the exact wording, but it went something like this…“The money is not in the list…it is in the relationship that you build with that list.”

Let that roll around in your brain for a while. I can tell you it bounced around in mine and caused a lot of lightbulbs to switch on all at once.

Photo by Rodolfo Clix:

The light bulb moment

Growing my list is not even half the battle. Cultivating that list is where the real work is. The great news is that list cultivation shouldn’t be hard work..not if you’re passionate about your subject, It is a simple matter of consistently communicating what you believe in and use. If you’re not passionate about a subject, you’re in the wrong business. Simple.

OK, Mark how am I meant to communicate with my list?

The first point about communication is to be genuine. Talk about what you know, what you’ve found out, what you like and what you don’t like (care needs to be exercised n that regard). The important thing is to get your message out. Don’t try and regurgitate or “copy and paste.” Be you. Be prepared to make mistakes, be prepared to lose people and be prepared to gain followers and advocates. Most importantly try to be consistent, so that people come to rely upon you for your opinion.

That covers, the why. The how will be entirely up to you. I find writing as easy as falling off a log, so blogging is a no brainer for me. Others will find video blogging, live broadcasts or podcasting more effective. You have to find what works for you.

Alerting your subscribers

Back in the not so good old days broadcasting blog posts or video posts to email subscribers was a fair old logistical nightmare. Now it’s pretty simple as this video demonstrates

You can start building relationships with the right attitude and the right tools. It’s time to get started. Watch for my next blog post where I’ll discuss some simple list building strategies that take very little time to get started.


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