The top 10 Traffic Sources and how they deliver traffic for me.

It’s easy for someone promoting their best traffic sources to just give a list that almost definitely works for them, but they give no clue as to how and why that traffic is coming in the numbers that it does.

So, from time to time, I intend to give a list of my best traffic sources with some detail on how much it cost me and what sort of results it’s giving me.

Some general comments about traffic effectiveness.

I use a mix of squeeze and splash pages to get results. By and large, I try to use my own designs, but from time to time I’ll make use of pages made available by others. I’ve been using some of Randall WIley’s pages to promote Secrets of the Big Dogs with the aim of using them as a template and standard to measure my own creations against. Sticking out like a sore thumb is key – the more I stick out the more I’m likely to stick in someone’s memory.

It might take 7-20 page views prior to someone actually taking any action. So, it’s hard to gauge effectiveness solely on the results of actions taken on a particular site. Someone may see my face and message eight times on Mister Safelist, for example, then move over to The Lead Magnet and see me there as well and then elect to find out more about me.

With that said, it’s also worth noting that patterns tend to emerge over time. Many traffic exchanges not mentioned here NEVER give me results, whereas some traffic sources invariably seem to be delivering opt-ins. I think there are reasons for this and where I’m sure of the data I’ll make comments below.

Top 10 Traffic Sources in order

1 Viral Mailer For You
2946 visitors 18 Recorded Actions

This amazing traffic powerhouse has delivered 2946 visitors over the past 30 days. I am a diamond member here which allows me credit mails on a daily basis as well as regular solo mails. The vast majority of the traffic comes from these sources, although banner, text and featured banner ads all play a part.
I don’t think you can simply look at Viral Mailer For You alone as it forms part of an ingenious traffic system that provides daily bonuses across three “for you”sites. If you’re in one you should be in all of them> You can read my spotlight page here

2 Leads Leap
1996 Visitors 24 Recorded Actions

This may seem weird, but I still don’t think I’ve tapped into all that Leads Leap has to offer. I am a Pro member here and I do very little manual traffic surfing (none actually). This really is hands-free traffic that is well worth the price. I have between 8 and 10 advertisements running all the time. It ticks over beautifully

3 Traffic Ad Bar
1680 Visitors 22 Recorded Actions

I’ve been a pro member off and on for years. I’ve never really been all in on this site and have maintained a Pro Lite membership for the past 6 months. I’m generally not a great fan of traffic exchanges, but the good ones still do deliver results. I do work this. I thumb-surf on my phone most days while walking the dog or waiting in the car for my wife. Most days I get a notification to say that this activity has landed me somewhere in the top 500 surfers, (but never in the top 200) Recorded actions on this site in particular are a little deceiving as I have several splash pages running that inflate the number (click-throughs are much easier to achieve than opt-ins)

4 Infinity Traffic Boost
1466 Visitors 11 Recorded Actions

I love this site for so many reasons. I just buy traffic packages and let it run. One of the reasons this site is so effective is that the traffic exchange timer won’t count down unless you are viewing the page. This makes it very advertiser-friendly. And people are motivated to surf there because of the incentives that make it worthwhile. Check this out to see what I mean

5. List Surfing
1231 Visitors 4 Recorded Actions

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

I am an ultimate wave member. Firstly this allows me to email the ACTIVE list of around 800 members daily. My sites are also kept in constant rotation on the site’s traffic exchange, provided that I fulfil the minimum requirement of surfing 50 pages a month. the site is owned and run by Darren Olander and I am always bemused at how this flies under the radar. The recorded actions usually average a little higher for me. Maybe I need to change things up a little here.

6. Herculist
1206 Visitors 4 Actions recorded

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Herculist was one of the very first sites I joined when I embarked on this journey and it has never delivered as much traffic to me as it has for the past couple of months. As a lifetime gold member, I can now submit my ads to the site hourly as well as email daily. This is a must join in my opinion.

7. Mr Safelist
1177 Visitors 1 Action Recorded

Pro membership here allows me to email close to 3000 members daily. The response rate here has dropped off recently and may be attributable to using some saved email messages over and over. I aim to change things up here in the next month.

8. State of The Art Mailer
999 Visitors 10 Actions Recorded

Email Marketing Evolved!

I’m currently paying for the 5000 member button level and will increase that in the next quarter. To be frank free membership here is not worth your time. You are capped at 3000 members and takes forever to achieve it. But this site smokes when you invest some advertising dollars in it. You can read my SOTAM spotlight here.

9. Atlas Safelist
927 Visitors 5 Actions Recorded

I am an ultimate upgrade pass holder here which affords me daily advertising to the entire list. This is by no means the biggest advertising resource listed in the Ultimate Upgrade Pass, but it seems to be the most responsive. This is one program you should take a good look at.

10 Mailsy.
863 Visitors 7 Recorded Actions

I have a close friend membership and can email every 2 days. I need to click some ads here daily to ensure that I have some mailings available throughout the month. I get 50000 credits per month and usually mail about 5000 members every 2 days

Final thoughts

There is no “one” traffic source that will deliver all that you need. Consistency in advertising, messaging and brand will deliver results over time. The above advertising resources are all very active right now and I can recommend them all unreservedly.

My mailer rankings will be updated later this week


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