Infinity Traffic Boost is Disrupting the Marketing and Crypto worlds

I hope you’re doing well and are progressing in your business, speaking of business, I want to alert you to developments at one premium advertising platform that can potentially help you grow your advertising reach AND another income stream.

I’m talking about Infinity Traffic Boost and its newly launched mailing facility. 

At the time of writing, 473 of the 23000 ITB members have opted into the mailing function and that’s likely to grow exponentially in the coming weeks.

The site is owned and run by two veterans of the industry Frank Bauer and Clinton Clark and they both have a history of building and servicing advertising sites that deliver results. Frank Bauer’s mailers have a very solid reputation in the business and are often recommended by people like Frank Salinas, Jason Wise and Marty Petrizza. 

Open rates and responsiveness are two fundamental areas that Frank has put significant work into to ensure that the advertising packages that he supplies offer real value. 

The Infinity Traffic Boost Mailer is no different. 

When you add this functionality and capability to a traffic exchange system that also pays out Bitcoin in the form of sustainable surfer pool bonuses you’ve got an advertising platform that offers responsive visitors and a lucrative affiliate program that offers virtually limitless earning potential in two separate income streams.

I’ve sent two emails so far and both have provided excellent click-through rates and opt-ins to my subscriber list.

This is one advertising platform that you should be paying attention to. It has the potential to set the gold standard not only in list mailing and traffic exchange advertising but an outstanding affiliate program with untapped potential.

If you’re not a member, make sure you join today and spend a good half hour exploring the site and understand how this one advertising site could complement and potentially outperform any affiliate program that you’re currently promoting

Here’s the sign-up link. It costs nothing to look and I think you’ll benefit from it.

====>Join Infinity Traffic Boost Here 

Have a great day


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